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Using the BOU’s online store

When you join or buy online through this website, you will be asked to:

  1. Select your membership type (early-career researcher membership see 6 below) or purchase.
  2. Review your order/purchases in your basket, then proceed to checkout.
  3. Enter your billing and shipping details. If you have a coupon to redeem against a book purchase, do that on this page.
  4. For ordinary and developing country memberships you are transferred to the secure WorldPay page to select payment option.
  5. WorldPay secure payments – enter your card details as indicated (card number, security code, expiry date and name of card holder).
  6. Early-career researcher (ECR) membership
    Those joining as an ECR member will be transferred to our secure Mal’s E-commerce service as we need to collect additional information from you before your payment is processed.After selecting your ECR membership on the next page select GO TO PAYMENTS.

    Enter your personal details – name, company (optional), address, email, gender, select CONTINUE

    Review your details and then click CONTINUE.

    You are now transferred to our secure Mal’s E-commerce (note the padlock symbol in the URL bar to denote this is a secure service) to provide your payment card details.

    Provide the details indicated and select ORDER NOW.

    The BOU Office will email you to verify your ECR status before processing your payment.

What happens next?
You will receive an automated email acknowledging your membership or purchase.

Is the credit card data collected securely?
Both WorldPay and Mal’s E-commerce are SSL secured and both carry the padlock in the URL bar before the web address.

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