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Using science communication via social media to benefit your research and your career

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If you wish to list your forthcoming presentation with #TheTweetingBird, then please contact Steve Dudley.

Forthcoming presentations

#TheTweetingBird at #IOCongress2018 | 20-26 August 2018
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August 2018 details to follow
POSTER | #TheTweetingBird: its rise, relevance and impact in #ornithology | Steve Dudley, Tom Finch & Nina O’Hanlon
IOC, Vancouver, Canada 20-26 August 2018

Learn more about communicating your research using social media

We have many articles on this website on the benefits of using social media for research. Here are a few, and many more here.

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If you want to write about your research in #theBOUblog, then please see here.

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