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Registration to attend the BOU Climate Change and Birds one-day Zoom conference, 24 November 2020 or to register to access the recording post-event.

Limited to a single purchase per person. Each individual has to register separately in order for us to catch individual email addresses to use to assign access to the event and/or post-event recording.

BOU members only
If you have been financially impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the registration fee is prohibitive, then please contact the BOU Office.

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Climate Change and Birds

24 November 2020 | #BOUsci20 | On Zoom!

£20 – all registrants

#BOUsci20 is a plenary event running from 0900 UTC to 2300 UTC. Programme Time zone converter

If you are unable to attend the one-day conference but wish to have access to the recording of all Zoom presentations from the conference, you need to register now, ahead of the event, to receive access to the recording.

Image credit: Pacific Ocean sea surface heights | NASA-JPL/Caltech/Ocean Surface Topography Team climate.nasa.gov

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