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BOU2017 crowded foyer for blogMembership of the BOU is open to anyone interested in ornithology.
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Ordinary member subscription rates

£45 / year – Direct Debit see here
£45 / year – Recurring annual credit/debit card payment see here
£50 / year – Single credit/debit card payment see here

Ordinary member benefits

Ordinary members enjoy the following benefits:

  • IBIS online – the BOU’s international journal of avian science, with access to all issues back to 1859. Over 150 years of ornithology!
  • Exclusive member rates for BOU conferences
  • Member access to BOU Small Ornithological Grant scheme
  • Discount on selected BOU books
  • Discount on selected Wiley books
  • Plus more benefits coming!


IBIS – the international journal of avian science

IBIS publishes original papers, reviews and short communications reflecting the forefront of research activity in ornithological science, but with special emphasis on the conservation, ecology, ethology and systematics of birds. IBIS aims to publish as rapidly as is consistent with the requirements of peer-review and normal publishing constraints.

Over 150 years of ornithological publishing now online

IBIS has been published continuously since 1859 and all online content is available to members and institutes – thats over 150 years of ornithology at your fingertips!

Plus online supplementary material
One of the great benefits of online publication is that you can include all manner of supporting items that you can’t include in a paper journal – additional data and supporting research, video, sound files, etc.

Online subscribers are able to view a wide range of supplementary material hosted online for many IBIS papers. Over 50% of papers now carry supplementary material.

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