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Direct Debit instructions

Please keep this window open to refer to whilst you complete the online Direct Debit instruction set up for your BOU membership.

From the membership page you have open in another window, follow these instructions to set up your Direct Debit payment.

  1. Select ‘Add to basket’
  2. Next screen, select ‘view basket’
  3. Next screen, select ‘proceed to checkout’
  4. Next screen, complete form (name, address (ensure same as registered for your bank account) and email), check the Direct Debit payment option at the bottom of the page, then select ‘Place order’
  5. Next screen, complete the Direct Debit form to provide your bank details (ignore the second authority item unless your account requires two people to sign instructions) and select ‘Set up Direct Debit’
  6. Next screen, confirmation of the transaction. You will also receive an email from GoCardless confirming the new Direct Debit instruction. Please keep this for your records.
  7. NOTE: GoCardless will appear against this transaction on your bank statement with a reference, e.g. GoCardless, ref: BOU-xxxxxxxxxxx
  8. NOTE: your Direct Debit instruction is protected under the Direct Debit Scheme guarantee (see your email confirmation)
  9. NOTE: your email confirmation contains support contacts should you have any queries


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