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Best ECR IBIS paper – 2019

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In 2019, IBIS published 55 papers whose first author was an early career researcher (ECR). Thats around 65% of original papers we published last year.

The IBIS Associate Editors have nominated their favourite ECR papers of 2019, and the top four papers have been selected for an open vote!

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Authors listed in alphabetical order by surname of lead author.

Individual condition but not fledging phenology carries over to affect post-fledging survival in a Neotropical migratory songbird
Dean R. Evans, Keith A. Hobson, Jackson W. Kusack, Michael D. Cadman, C. Myles Falconer, Greg W. Mitchell

Wing-feather moult phenotypes differ between the preformative and prealternate episodes and along passerine phylogeny
Santi Guallar, Roger Jovani

Using nest captures and video cameras to estimate survival and abundance of breeding Piping Plovers Charadrius melodus
Kelsi L. Hunt, Daniel Gibson, Meryl J. Friedrich, Coral J. Huber, James D. Fraser, Sarah M. Karpanty, Daniel H. Catlin

Seasonal climatic niches diverge in migratory birds
Raquel Ponti, Angel Arcones, Xavier Ferrer, David R. Vieites

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