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Best ECR IBIS paper – 2018

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In 2018, IBIS published 60 papers whose first author was an early career researcher (ECR). Thats around 70% of original papers we published last year.

The IBIS Associate Editors have nominated their favourite ECR papers of 2018, and the top three papers have been selected for an open vote!

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Voting closes 0000 UTC/GMT, 10 March 2019.

The impacts of introduced house mice on the breeding success of nesting seabirds on Gough Island
Caravaggi, Anthony; Cuthbert, Richard; Ryan, Peter; Cooper, John; Bond, Alex

Using remote cameras to validate estimates of nest fate in shorebirds
Ellis, Kristen; Cavitt, John; Larsen, Randy; Koons, David

Rapid Laurasian diversification of a pantropical bird family during the Oligocene-Miocene transition
Oliveros, Carl; Andersen, Michael; Hosner, Peter; Mauck III, William; Sheldon, Frederick; Cracraft, Joel; Moyle, Robert

VOTE HERE for the best ECR IBIS paper of 2018.

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