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Reports from BOU-funded projects

Below are selected reports from BOU-funded projects.
Migration behaviour and winter distribution of a declining long-distance migrant: the Pied Flycatcher.
Malcolm Burgess and Chris Hewson.
£1,000 awarded to Malcolm Burgess in 2011
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A survey for the Critically Endangered Liben Lark Heteromirafra archeri in Somaliland, north-western Somalia
Michael Mills, Callan Cohen and Claire Spottiswoode.
£2000 awarded to Claire Spottiswoode in 2010
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Conserving the endemic birds of the Angolan Scarp Forest.
Aimy Caceres Pinedo (PhD student, University of Porto, Portugal).
Awarded £1980 in 2013
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The role of cognitive abilities in the use of social information for breeding site selection: an empirical approach in passerine populations.
Laure Cauchard (PhD student, University of Montreal, Canada).
Awarded £1400 in 2013
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Trichomonas galllinae infection in European Turtle Doves Streptopelia turtur in Africa and potential for transmission among co-occurring African columbiformes.
Jenny Dunn & Danae Sheehan (RSPB).
Awarded £2000 in 2012
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Detecting change in the habitat and status of Hinde's Babbler Turdoides hindei: 2001 to 2011.
Phil Shaw (UK).
Awarded £845 in 2011.
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Alfred Newton archive project
Prof. Tim Birkhead (University of Sheffield) was awarded £2500 in 2011 to research the archives of the BOU’s founder, Alfred Newton. The research was carried out by Peter Gallivan (3-yr BSc studentat University of Sheffield).
Paper published in Ibis 154: 887-905

Action research and conservation of the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper Eurynorhynchus pygmeus in Bangladesh
Sayam Uddin Chowdhury (Bangladesh).
Awarded £1900 in 2010
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Birds of prey of Kazakh upland
Anna Barashkova (Russia)
Awarded £1000 in 2009
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Phylogeny and evolutionary history of Steamer Ducks, Tachyeres, with particular focus on the species in the Falkland Islands.
Brandon Letts (USA).
Awarded £800 in 2009.
View abstract of paper published in Proc Roy Soc B

Effect of habitat alteration on population density and distribution of Turner’s Eremomela in south Nandi Forest, Kenya.
Nickson Erick Otieno (Kenya).
Awarded £1000 in 2009
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Moult in migrant waders using African wetlandsÔÇ¿.
Magdalena Remisiewicz (South Africa).
Awarded £1200 in 2009.
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Establishing a national monitoring programme for White-shouldered Ibis in Cambodia.ÔÇ¿
Hugh Wright (UK).
Awarded £1995 in 2009.
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Does Bean Goose have a distinct strategy for autumn versus spring migration in northeastern Ukraine?
Mikhail Banik (Ukraine).
Awarded £600 in 2008
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Survey of globally-threatened birds in the northern sector of Kinangop Grasslands IBA, Lake Ol Borossat Grasslands and Marmanet Forest Reserve, central Kenya.
W Wamiti (National Museums of Kenya).
Awarded £850 in 2007.
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Research on the contemporary distribution of species from order Falconiformes, Nesting in the rock biotopes in North-western Bulgaria.
G. Stoyanov (Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds of Prey).
Awarded £450 in 2007.
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Locating critical habitats for Bengal Florican in Cambodia: towards the sustainable management of Tonle Sap Grassland.
Tom Gray (UEA , UK).
Awarded £1468 in 2007.
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Implications of winter habitat choice in migratory shorebirds.
Jose Alves (UEA , UK ).
Awarded £250 in 2006.
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Nesting of the vulnerable Helmeted Woodpecker and other woodpeckers in Argentina’s Atlantic forest.
K. Cockle (University of British Colombia).
Awarded £570 in 2006.
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Minimising the impacts of palm oil production on birds and other biodiversity whilst sustaining livelihoods: a case study in the upper Guinea Forest Zone of Ghana.
B. Phalan (Cambridge Uni, UK).
Awarded £525 in 2006.
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Threatened species surveys in the Gola Forest Reserves, Sierra Leone.
S. Wotton (The RSPB, UK).
Awarded £400 in 2006.
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The survey of Corncrake population in Medias Tableland, Romania.
M.J. Cosmin (Romania).
Awarded £350 in 2005.
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Cambodia 2006 Ornithological Expedition.
Jez Bird (UK).
Awarded £1000 in 2005.
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Macin Watchsite 2004: spring and autumn hawk count in southeastern Romania.
Zoltan Domahidi (Romania ).
Awarded £1000 in 2004.
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Neglected and reconstructed territories of Central Russia as the core diversity of birds.
D. Bogomolov (Russia).
Awarded £350 in 2002.
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Image credit: Scop’s Owl © @stevedudley_

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