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Both the BOU grant and bursary schemes are now open to BOU members only (all BOU members for grants and BOU ECR members for bursaries). The only exception is those from and still residing and working in a developing country (see list) can still apply without being a member.

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The BOU offers two different award schemes for those undertaking ornithological research.

BOU Small Research Grants

Awards of up to £2000 per project aimed at supporting small projects outright and to part-fund medium-sized research programmes.

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BOU Career Development Bursaries

Due to the impacts of Covid-19 we are not advertising applications for this bursary scheme for 2021. We hope to resume the scheme in 2021 for applications for 2022 projects.

These aim to support short-term research positions for young (or early career) ornithologists, between a first and higher degree programme or immediately after completion of a higher degree. Successful proposals will combine the applicant’s development of skills that will be useful for their future career in ornithology with sound science.

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