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Global Database of Ornithological Institutes

The BOU’s Global Database of Ornithological Institutes is designed to aid collaboration and communication within the ornithological community.

The database includes information on the research fields, geographical locations and taxonomic groups that research institutes around the world conduct avian research in and on.

Looking for a job in South America, or for a collaborator working in Global Change Ecology? Why not use the database to inform your search? With over 200 institutes and 50 countries represented, and growing all the time, the database is a valuable resource for ornithologists around the world.

Access the database Use the filters to refine your search.

Is your institute listed?

This resource has been compiled with input from the community. If an institute is missing that you feel should be included, why not complete the online form and add it to the database?

Submit your institute to the database. Please email us to alert us that you have sent us your institute’s information. Thank you.

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