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More from moors | #BOUsci19

 22 Nov 2019



Sadly we have had to cancel this event. We underestimated the amount of new research being undertaken on birds in the British uplands. When we have indication that there is more work being carried our on upland birds, we will revisit this topic.

More from moors:
future visions for the British uplands and the implications for birds

The British uplands have considerable environmental, social and economic value and are internationally important for their unique plant and bird assemblages. However multiple drivers of change are causing significant declines of upland birds and the deterioration of once diverse and flourishing landscapes. What are these drivers of change? Can we mitigate the impacts? Or do we need radical new visions regarding the future management of the uplands?

This one-day event will bring together leading experts (researchers, land managers, policy-makers and conservationists) to share and build on current knowledge, explore alternative visions and consider how the uplands can deliver multiple benefits for people and biodiversity.

With the future of the British uplands a policy priority, the conference will focus on recent developments in the natural and social sciences and how these can be integrated to provide the evidence base to direct future research, inform policy development and shape future land management in order to get ‘more from moors’.

Image credit: Above right, European Golden Plover by Brian Gratwicke CC BY 2.0 Wikimedia Commons

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