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Seabirds: Towards a sustainable future with renewable energies | #BOUsci18

 11 Oct 2018

0900 – 1600 h
Supported by
University of Aberdeen
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

What do we need to know about seabirds in the next decade and beyond to ensure we work together to enable a sustainable future for populations while offshore renewable developments expand across the world?

This one-day event will bring together leading experts (researchers, manufacturers, policy-makers and conservationists) to share and build on current knowledge and challenge us all to think about the key questions we still need to address at the individual, (meta) population and community level (including seabird-prey interactions).

Issues of scale and detailed spatial use of offshore marine areas will be a focus as renewable energy extraction is particularly spatially governed. If we are to have successful conservation of seabird populations in a busy marine environment we need the evidence base to direct future research and inform policy development.

Keynote presentations

Francis Daunt | Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Seabirds and marine #renewables: population and meta-population level issues
Julie Black | JNCC
Bridging the gap: what the future holds for the science-policy interface of offshore renewables
Prof Bob Furness | MacArthur Green
Addressing key challenges in seabird-renewables interactions
Nicolas Courbin | CEFE – CNRS UMR, France
Tracking seabird-prey interactions in a changing world
Steve Votier | University of Exeter
Seabird tracking and renewables: Current research and future perspectives


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The scientific programme is being organised by Dr Beth Scott (Chair, University of Aberdeen), Dr Maria Bogdanov (CEH Edinburgh) and Danny Heptinstall (JNCC).

Supported by

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Top right: Walney offshore wind farm David Dixon CC-BY-SA-2.0 via geograph.org.uk


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