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Category D species

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Species that would otherwise appear in Category A except that there is reasonable doubt that they have ever occurred in a natural state.

Category D is a holding category and is not intended to be a long-term assignment of any species. These species are reviewed regularly with a view to assign them to either A or E.

Species placed in Category D only form no part of the British List, and are not included in the species totals.

These species form no part of the British List.

Ross’s Goose* Anser rossii DE

Falcated Duck* Anas falcata DE

Marbled Duck* Marmaronetta angustirostris DE

White-headed Duck* Oxyjura leucocephala DE

Great White Pelican* Pelecanus onocrotalus DE

Greater Flamingo* Phoenicopterus ruber DE

Bald Eagle* Haliaeetus leucocephalus DE

Egyptian Vulture* Neophron percnopterus DE

Booted Eagle* Hieraaetus pennatus DE

Saker Falcon* Falco cherrug DE

Daurian Starling* Agropsar sturninus DE

Mugimaki Flycatcher* Ficedula mugimaki D

Red-headed Bunting* Emberiza bruniceps DE

Yellow-headed Blackbird* Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus DE

Palm Warbler* Dendroica palmarum D

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