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BRANTA — Tonleu Jean

Nesting success of understorey birds in African tropical land use systems: a case study from Korup area, south-west Cameroon

Institution: University of Dschang, Cameroon
Supervisors: Mpoame Mbida, Bobo Kadiri Serge
Details: PhD 2014 (not yet completed)
Address: University of Dschang, Cameroon (Jan 2013) Email
Subject Keywords: Nesting success; Understory birds; Cameroon
Species Keywords: Understory birds species generally



With the ongoing deforestation and natural forest conversion in the Korup National Park and its surrounding, it is crucial to evaluate the importance of these actions on birds' communities of this area. Especially understory birds are very vulnerable because they breed on the lowest part of the forest ecosystems. This research which is pioneer in Central African region aims to document on bird nesting success in both natural and artificial nests in different habitat types focusing on natural nests predation and predators' identification.

Both natural and artificial understory birds' nests will be monitored simultaneously in five different habitat types which will be selected depending on the degree of anthropogenic destruction or occupations. Within these habitat types, plots and transects will be set up using Geographic Information Systems. Natural nests will be found within the plots and artificial nests will be placed along transects length. Artificial nests will be made with the same material as natural nests, and will be baited with Japanese quail eggs. Inspection and Infrared cameras will be used to
detect predators and record other events on artificial and natural nests.

About 36 months are needed to accomplish the research and submit the thesis.

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