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Marine Renewables and Birds

The proceedings of the BOU's 2012 autumn scientific meeting supported by
BTO, The Seabird Group, CEH, JNCC, RSPB, Plymouth University and HiDef Aerial Surveying
Ian Davies (Marine Scotland)
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Potential population-level consequences of marine renewables
Robert W. Furness (MacArthur Green), Helen Wade(UHI), Alexandra M. C. Robbins (SNH) & Elizabeth A. Masden (SNH)
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Wind farm displacement studies from Nysted, Denmark
Monique Mackenzie (Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling (CREEM), University of St Andrews) & Ib Krag Petersen (NERI, Denmark)
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Displacement effects modelling for central place foraging auks with the Forth/Tay as a case study
Claire McDonald, Kate Searle, Maria Bogdanova, Sarah Wanless & Francis Daunt (all CEH)
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Habitat use by seabird species in high-velocity current flows: investigating the potential effects of tidal-stream renewable energy developments
Helen M. Wade (UHI), Elizabeth A. Masden (UHI), Angus J. Jackson (UHI) & Robert W. Furness (McArthur Green)
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Are auks the ideal birds to study offshore wind farm impact on seabirds?
Mardik Leopold (IMARES-Texel, the Netherlands)
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Avoidance behaviour and flight intensities of birds in an offshore wind farm in the Netherlands
Karen Krijgsveld & Sjoerd Dirksen (Bureau Waardenburg, the Netherlands)
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Seabirds and marine renewables: are we asking the right questions about indirect effects?
Beth Scott (University of Aberdeen)
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Short- and long-term effects of an offshore wind farm on three species of sandeel and their sand habitat
Mikael van Deurs, T. M. Grome, M. Kaspersen, H. Jensen, C. Stenberg, T. K. Sørensen, J. Støttrup, T. Warnar & H. Mosegaard (all Technical University of Denmark)
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Connectivity Connectivity between seabird SPAs and wind farms: an overview from the FAME project
Ellie Owen (RSPB)
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Connectivity between seabird features of protected sites and offshore wind farms: Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Great Skuas through the breeding, migration and non-breeding seasons
Chris Thaxter (BTO), Viola Ross-Smith (BTO), Niall Burton (BTO), Helen Wade (University of the Highlands and Islands), Elizabeth Masden (University of the Highlands and Islands) & Willem Bouten (University of Amsterdam)
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Potential impact of offshore wind farm collisions on the Gannet population of the British Isles explored using PVA
Mark Trinder (MacArthur Green), Gareth Bradbury (WWT) & Bob Furness (MacArthur Green)
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Individual-based population viability modelling as a tool to quantify the effect of wind farm collisions
Aulay Mackenzie (University of Essex) & Martin Perrow (ECON Ecological Consulting)
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Examining between-year natural variation in seabird numbers and distribution at an offshore wind farm development site
Colin Barton, Martin Poot, Zoë Crutchfield, Phil Bloor & Digger Jackson
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Sensitivity maps for interactions between seabirds and marine renewable energy developments
Ian Davies, Rob Watret & Bob Furness
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Avoidance behaviour at offshore wind farms: a new joint industry approach
Ian Davies, Andrew Finlay, Emma Cole & Phil Alcock
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Turbine height as a management tool for collision risk to birds at offshore wind farms
Ian Davies & Bill Band
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Predicting the impact of wet renewables on seabirds using simulation modelling
Rebecca Langton, Beth E. Scott & I. M. Davies
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A review of the potential use of sonar to observe the underwater behaviour of diving birds near tidal energy devices
Joanna Loughrey, Mark Trinder & Rhys Bullman
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Selection of modelling techniques for bird analysis undertaken for Robin Rigg offshore wind farm, Solway, Scotland
Gillian Lye, Sarah Canning, Chris Pendlebury, Sally Shenton & Richard Walls
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Birds and wave and tidal stream energy: an ecological review
A. E. McCluskie, R. W. L. Langston & N. I. Wilkinson
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Integrated Ecological Monitoring Plans (IEMPs) for offshore wind projects
Chris Pendlebury, Gillian Lye & Richard Walls
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Preliminary insights into the avoidance behaviour of Sandwich Terns at Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm as illustrated by visual tracking
Martin Perrow
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Comparison of two different collision risk models used in the offshore environment: Band vs. Folkerts
Martin Perrow
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Are newly fledged Shags at risk from marine renewable devices?
Evelyn Philpott, Francis Daunt, Sarah Wanless & Beth Scott
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Implications of marine bird behaviour in a fast tidal stream for interactions with wet renewable energy schemes: a Shetland case study
Alexandra M. C. Robbins, David M. Bailey & Robert W. Furness
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Radar monitoring of migrating Pink-footed Geese - behavioural responses to offshore wind farm development
I. C. Simms, P. Plonczkier & J. Milborrow
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Individual consistency in the foraging behaviour of Gannets: implications for interactions with offshore renewable energy developments
Louise Soanes, Roland Gauvain, Phillip Atkinson & Jonathan Green
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Different method different results: the importance of survey choice when estimating spatial overlap between deep-diving seabirds and tidal stream turbines
James J. Waggitt & Beth E. Scott
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Marine Renewables and Birds, a conference organised and run by Sophy Allen (JNCC), Niall Burton (BTO), Francis Daunt (CEH), Rowena Langston (RSPB), Chris Thaxter (BTO and The Seabird Group), Stephen Votier (Plymouth University), Andy Webb (HiDef Aerial Surveying), Steve Dudley (BOU) and Angela Langford (BOU) on behalf of the British Ornithologists' Union.

The BOU is grateful to the individual speakers and their respective organisations for presenting their work at the conference.

The BOU is grateful to Patrick Smith for copy-editng all contributions.

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