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Ecosystem services: do we need birds?

The proceedings of the BOU's 2012 Annual Conference supported by
BTO, JNCC, University of Hull, University of Newcastle and University of Sheffield

Ecosystem services and the future of bird conservation

Birds and nature conservation: do we need ecosystem services?
Mike Clarke, RSPB
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Cultural services of birds
John H. Fanshawe, Jenny Birch, Nigel J. Collar, Alison J. Stattersfield & David H. L Thomas
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Bird conservation in an ecosystem service context
Andy Clements
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Ecosystem services and faith-based bird conservation
Peter Harris
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From species to systems: ecosystem services resulting from bird conservation
Stewart Clarke, Phil Grice, John Hopkins & Ruth Waters
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Birds and ecosystem functioning

Bird pollination and dispersal services to plants: interactions, losses and trophic cascades
Sandra H. Anderson, Dave Kelly, Jenny J. Ladley & Alastair W. Robertson
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The impact of total bird loss on ecosystem services in the forests of Guam
Haldre Rogers, Joshua J. Tewksbury, Janneke Hille Ris Lambers & Ross Miller
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Birds as control agents of caterpillars in oak forests
Krisztina Bereczki, Górgy Cóka, Peter ├ôdor & Andras Báldi3
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Global Change, biodiversity and seed dispersal in birds
Katrin Böhning-Gaese
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Pollination and seed dispersal services by Indian forest birds
Paramasivan Balasubramanian
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Cultural services provided by birds

A Nightingale by any other name?: the significance of differences in scientific and vernacular bird names
Andrew Gosler & Caroline Jackson-Houlson
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Closing the circle: birds cultural services and human well-being
Ken Norris & Natalie Clarke
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Birds and the feel-good factor: exploring links between avian diversity and human well-being
Martin Dallimer, Katherine N. Irvine, Zoe G. Davies, Sara L. Warber, Dugald Tinch, Kevin J. Gaston & Paul R. Armsworth
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Valuing bird ecosystem services

Economics of pest control by birds
Matthew Johnson
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Can payments for ecosystem services protect Southeast Asian birds?
David P. Edwards, Brendan Fisher, David S. Wilcove, Felicity A. Edwards, Richard Davies & Keith C. Hamer
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Do birds provide proxies for biodiversity in the assessment of ecosystem value?
Chris Panter, Paul Dolman & Hannah Mossman
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The economic value of White Stork nesting colonies in Polish 'stork villages'
Mikołéaj Czajkowski, Marek Giergiczny, Jakub Kronenberg, Piotr Tryjanowski & Leszek Jerzak
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Integrating ecosystem services and species conservation into policy

What’s Government doing?
Peter Costigan
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Valuing Nature Network: evolving the ecosystem services paradigm
Steve Albon
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Integrating approaches into policy
Ian Bainbridge & Des Thompson
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New spin on old concepts: ecosystem services and the Ramsar Convention
David Stroud
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Management strategies and trade-offs

Recasting the role of birds within an ecosystem service framework: what do population dynamics indicate?
Simon J. Butler, R. Hintzen, A. Mead, Ken Norris & M. Rivas Casado
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Farming for wild nature - integration of biodiversity and sustainable development in tropical agricultural landscapes in Uganda
Mark F. Hulme, Anna R. Renwick, Juliet A. Vickery, Rhys E. Green,
Ben Phalan, Dan E. Chamberlain, Derek E. Pomeroy, Dianah Nalwanga, David Mushabe, Raymond Katebaka, Simon Bolwig, Theodore Munyuli, Simon G. Potts & Phil Atkinson
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Investigating the role of farmland birds in complex ecological networks
Darren M. Evans, Michael J. O. Pocock & Jane Memmott
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A systematic review of bird ecosystem services: what is the evidence-base linking birds with ecosystem services?
Matt Grainger, Jeroen Minderman, Mark Whittingham & Philip McGowan
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Knolwedge gaps and future direction

Partnerships and strategic challenges
Andrew Watkinson
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Abstracts of posters presented at the conference

Farmland birds belong to the farmers' world
Irina Herzon
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Effect of vegetation structure on wader nest predation and the distribution of alternative small mammal prey
Rebecca A. Laidlaw, Jennifer Smart & Jennifer A. Gill
Winner of the best student poster prize
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The ploughed field is the most important breeding habitat for the Northern Lapwing Vanellus vanellus in the Czech Republic
Vojtech Kubelka, Václav Zámekník & Miroslav Esus Sálek
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Evaluation of a general ecosystem state indicator based on farmland birds
G. G. Nagy & B. Czúcz

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Arthropod prey depletion around wild bird feeders: do garden birds earn their keep?
Melanie E. Orros & Mark D. E. Fellowes
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Variation in Lapwing Vanellus vanellus productivity across habitats and management systems in Western Europe
Danielle Peruffo, Jennifer Smart, James Pearce-Higgins & Jennifer Gill
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Functional diversity of bird communities: a large-scale study of the Afrotoropics
Amy V.L. Romans, Stuart H. M. Butchart, Paul F. Donald & Richard G. Davies
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Understanding trade-offs between food production and bird conservation on two commercial farms
Chris Stoate, Richard B. Bradbury & Tony J. Morris
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What do birds want? Multi-scale analysis of visitation rates to urban trees
Edward M. Waite, Kath Dickinson, Gerry Closs & Yolanda Van Heezik
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Investigating effects of species extinction and elevated Nitrogen deposition on trophic cascades in a terrestrial system: a novel network approach
Rose Wilcox, Darren Evans, Jane Bunting & Graham Scott
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Ecosystem Services: do we needs Birds?, a conference organised and run by Darren Evans (lead organiser - University of Hull), Helen Baker (JNCC), Niall Burton (BTO), Karl Evans (University of Sheffield), Mark Whittingham (University of Newcastle), Steve Dudley (BOU) and Angela Langford (BOU) on behalf of the British Ornithologists' Union.

The BOU is grateful to the individual speakers and their respective organisations for presenting their work at the conference.

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