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Climate change and birds

Proceedings of the BOU’s 2010 Annual Conference supported by

BTO / Defra / Department of Energy & Climate Change / Durham University / Natural England / RSPB /Scottish Natural Heritage


An overview of the effects of climate change on birds

Rhys Green

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The effects of temperature on photoperiodic responses: implications for climate change

Alistair Dawson & Marcel E. Visser

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Phenological trends reflect a changing world

Tim Sparks

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Seasonal timing in a warming world

Marcel Visser, Luc te Marvelde, Sonja V. Schaper, Alistair Dawson, Simone Webber & Arild Husby

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Modelling range shifts for Swiss breeding birds

Ramona Maggini, Boris Schröder, Niklaus E. Zimmermann, Janine Bolliger, Anthony Lehmann, Rudd Foppen, Marc Kéry, Hans Schmid, Martin Beniston & Niklaus Zbinden

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The effects of climate change on avian population dynamics

Bernt-Erik Saether

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Birds over troubled waters: effects of climate change on North Sea seabirds

Sarah Wanless, Morten Frederiksen, Mike Harris & Francis Daunt

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The evidence of climate change response in the annual cycle of Arctic-breeding waders

Theunis Piersma

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Contrasting change in at-sea distribution and abundance of subantarctic seabirds on the Southern Ocean

Clara Péron, Mattieu Authier, Chistophe Barbraud, Karine Delord, Dominique Besson & Henri Weimerskirch

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Understanding geographic range changes of North American breeding birds

Savrina Carrizo, Nick Isaac, Kate Jones & Michael de L. Brooke

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Life cycle assessment and renewable energies

Graham Sinden

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A study of White-tailed Eagle movements and mortality at a wind farm in Norway

Torgeir Nygård, Kjetil Bevanger, Espen Lie Dahl, Øystein Flagsted, Arne Follestad, Pernille Lund Hoel, Roel May & Ole Reitan

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Whooper Swans migration in relation to offshore wind farms

Larry Griffin, Eileen Rees & Baz Hughes

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Wind energy - Assessing the impact of offshore wind turbines on terns

Martin Perrow, James Gilroy, Aulay Mackenzie & Eleanor Skeate

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Bird collisions: a visual or a perceptual problem?

Graham R. Martin

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Birds and wind farms: where next?

Rowena W. Langston

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Developing the knowledge base to guide renewable energy developments in Scotland and its seas

Ross McGregor, Andy Douse & Des Thompson

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Evaluating the potential impacts of tidal power schemes on estuarine waterbirds

Niall H.K. Burton, Chris B. Thaxter, Aonghais S.C.P. Cook, Graham E. Austin, Lucy J. Wright & Nigel A. Clarke

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Woodfuel management: prospects for reversing declines in woodland birds

Rob J. Fuller & Peter Rothery

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Potential impacts on birds of land use change to supply growing UK biomass demand

Benedict Gove & Richard Bradbury

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Long- and short-distance migrants: differing impacts and changes in migration strategy as a means of adapting to climate change

Nathalie Doswald, & Stephen G. Willis

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Turnover and persistence of species - African IBAs, how many might drop out of network?

Stephen G. Willis & David G. Hole

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Climate change adaptation and mitigation: synergies, antagonisms and trade-offs for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Paula Harrison, Pam. M. Berry, James S. Paterson and the MACIS & Rubicode partners

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Adaptation for southern range margin populations

James Pearce-Higgins

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Policy measures for facilitating biodiversity adaptation to climate change

Graham Tucker

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Challenges in climate change adaptation for UK birds

Humphrey Crick & Richard Bradbury

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The BOU gratefully acknowledge financial support from Defra, Department of Energy & Climate Change, Natural England, the RSPB and Scottish Natural Heritage.

Our thanks also to all the authors listed above who presented papers at the conference. We also thank those who reviewed the papers for these proceedings. Lastly, we would like to thank the organising committee for producing such a stimulating and excellent programme, Rowena Langston (RSPB), Dan Chamberlain (University of Turin, formerly BTO), Steve Willis (University of Durham), James Pearce-Higgins (BTO, formerly RSPB), Allan Drewitt (Natural England) and Richard Bradbury (RSPB) and the BOU’s Steve Dudley and Angela Langford for managing the meeting.


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