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Bird conservation in response to global change: from ornithology to policy

The proceedings of the BOU’s 150th anniversary conference, 8 – 10 April 2008

The conference and proceedings supported by
British Trust for Ornithology | Defra | Natural England | RSPB



Progress and process in the restoring of critically endangered bird populations
Carl Jones (Mauritian Wildlife Foundation)

How far have we come in turning the recommendations of basic research into environmental policy?
Mark Avery (RSPB)

The challenges of conservation for declining migrants: are reserve-based initiatives during the breeding season appropriate for the Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca?
Anne Goodenough, Simon L. Elliot & Adam G. Hart (University of Gloucestershire)

Missing links: how individual ornithologists could contribute to reserve policy enforcementÔÇöwith a focus on the EU policies and laws
Volker Mauerhofer (University of Vienna)

Marine Special Protection Areas and Seabird Conservation: The Manx Shearwater, a case study
Chris Perrins & Tim Guildford (EGI, University of Oxford)

An overview of where research has led to policy in the reserve approach to bird conservation
David Stroud (JNCC) & Richard Bradbury (RSPB)

Current dynamics and predicted vulnerability to sea-level rise of a threatened Bittern population
Gillian Gilbert (RSPB), Andy Brown (Natural England) & Simon Wotton (RSPB)

A review of how BTO data and evidence influence environmental policy
Andy Clements (BTO)

Black Grouse: research findings and their implications for agri-environment policy in northern England
David Baines & Philip Warren (GWCT)

Coastal Management Policy and its implications for bird populations
Phil Atkinson (BTO) & David Collins (Elm Environment & Planning)

Growth and demography of a re-introduced population of White-tailed Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla
Richard Evans (RSPB Scotland), Arjun Amar (RSPB Scotland), Andy Douse (SNH), Alison MacLennan (RSPB Scotland), Phil Whitfield (Natural Research Ltd) & Jeremy Wilson (RSPB Scotland)

Translocation of Cirl Buntings within the UK as part of a wider recovery programme
Andy Evans (RSPB), Ian Carter (Natural England), Jo Gregson (Paignton Zoo), Cath Jeffs (RSPB) & Tony Sainsbury (ZSL)

The feasibility of re-establishing Eurasian Cranes in the UK – the Great Crane Project
Baz Hughes (WWT), Peter Newbery (RSPB), Nigel Jarrett (WWT), Andrew Stanbury (RSPB), Mark Trinder (WWT), Andrew Reeve (Pensthorpe Conservation Trust), Deborah Jordan (Pensthorpe Conservation Trust) & David Fouracre (RSPB)

Research findings relevant to the practice and policy of reintroductions
Ian Newton (CEH) & Ian Mclean (Natural England)

From 'over-grazing’ to 'under-grazing’ and beyond: the impact of broad policy decisions on upland birds
James Pearce-Higgins, Graeme Buchanan & Murray Grant (all RSPB Scotland)

Linking statistical models to spatial representations of change in bird populations: a case study
Nigel Boatman, Stephane Pietravalle, Hazel Parry, Joe Crocker, Paul V Irving, David B Turley (all Central Science Laboratory), Jane Mills & Janet Dwyer (Countryside and Community Research Unit)

Unravelling the relationship between birds and organic farming and how this relates to policy
Mark Whittingham & Ailsa McKenzie (University of Newcastle)

Birds in agricultural systems: science meets policy
Juliet Vickery (BTO) & Phil Grice (Natural England)

The decline of the urban house sparrow-causes and potential conservation measures
John Mallord, Chris Orsman, Nancy Ockenden, Bill Haines & Will Peach (all RSPB)

Habitat influences on urban avian assemblages
Karl Evans (University of Sheffield), Stuart Newson (BTO) & Kevin Gaston (University of Sheffield)

Opportunities for biodiversity in urban and surrounding areas: the challenge of involving people
Des Thompson, Scott Ferguson, Ian Angus(SNH), Liz Humphreys (BTO Scotland), Eilidh Johnston (Greenspace Scotland) & Helen Riley (Jacobs Consultancy)

Biodiversity in urban and exurban areas
Dan Chamberlain (BTO) & David Knight (Natural England)

Conference closing overview: The progress of science to policy
William Sutherland (University of Cambridge)

BOU 150th Anniversary Items
Contributions from:
Norman Moore (Vice President 1977-81)
Ian Newton (President 1999-2003)
Christopher Perrins (President 2003-07)
Andrew Gosler (Editor of Ibis 1998-2006)
Chris Feare (Honorary Secretary 1992-97, Vice President 2003-07)
Neil Bucknell (President 1997-2006)

Bird Conservation in Response to Global Change: from Ornithology to Policy was a conference organised by Dr Will Cresswell (University of St Andrews) and Steve Dudley (BOU) on behalf of the British Ornithologists' Union.

The BOU is grateful to the individual speakers and their respective organisations for presenting their work at the conference.

The conference and proceedings were supported by
British Trust for Ornithology, Defra, Natural England and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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