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Bird conservation in response to global change: from ornithology to policy

The proceedings from the British Ornithologists' Union’s 150th anniversary conference, 8 - 10 April 2008

The conference and proceedings supported by
British Trust for Ornithology | Defra | Natural England | RSPB


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The British Ornithologists' Union's 150th Anniversary Conference was a survey of case studies of the effectiveness of turning ornithological research into environmental policy, from a local to global scale, as a means of identifying current gaps between research effort and policy implementation. The conference aimed to carry out a gap analysis of bird conservation within the UK, to identify where effective research is failing to turn onto effective policy, and where policy is prevented by ineffective research.

During the last 150 years – the period of the BOU - man has come to affect all ecosystem functions and this has heralded the beginning of an unprecedented rapid reduction in the biodiversity of the planet. In response to this, conservation has become established as a key discipline, and ornithology has been a major source of the science underpinning conservation. This conference aims to examine how fundamental ornithological research feeds through into environmental policy to address environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity, rather than simply documenting it. We aim to highlight best practice and gaps in the process of research leading to policy implementation and so give a prospectus to facilitate this process for the future.



Bird Conservation in Response to Global Change: from Ornithology to Policy was a conference organised by Dr Will Cresswell (University of St Andrews) and Steve Dudley (BOU) on behalf of the British Ornithologists' Union.

The BOU is grateful to the individual speakers and their respective organisations for presenting their work at the conference.

The conference and proceedings were supported by British Trust for Ornithology, Defra, Natural England and the RSPB

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