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#BOU17TC | Tweeting guidelines


28 – 29 November 2017


Tweeting guidelines

If you wish to participate in #BOU17TC by asking questions, or commenting on presentations, then please adhere to these simple guidelines. Thank you.

  • Please do not use the #BOU17TC hashtag during presentation times
    see programme
  • Tweet questions immediately after the last slide of each presentation, and before the next presentation commences see programme
  • Use the #BOU17TC hashtag when asking a question so all those following the conference can see it.


#BOU17TC conference links

Session 1 (commences UTC 1200, 28 November)
Session 2 (commences UTC 1600, 28 November)
Session 3 (commences UTC 2115, 28 November)
Session 4 (commences UTC 0130, 29 November)
Session 5 (commences UTC 0500, 29 November)
Session 6 (commences UTC 0800, 29 November)
Frequently asked questions
All times are given as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and you will have to check what this corresponds to your local time to follow presentations live. See here for UTC clock and local time convertor.

BOU17TC contacts

Get in touch with #BOU17TC organisers via Twitter or email:
Steve Dudley @stevedudley_ or email Steve
Nina O’Hanlon @Nina_OHanlon or email Nina

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