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BOU conferences are #TwitterOK!

Tweeting and posting to social media is the norm at BOU events. But as a conference host we do get some complaints from speakers and poster authors about delegates posting images of their work on social media without permission. You might think that what is being shown is to be shared, but that is not always the case, and speakers and authors sometimes forget to say.

Well now we’re trying to make things a little clearer – for those presenting their work and for delegates.

Since our default position is that it is OK to share items from slides and posters on Twitter and other social media it is up to presenting authors to say if their slide(s) or poster is not to be shared on social media.

Delegates must respect any author who asks for their work not to be shared on social media.

Its also good to encourage delegates to share your work by including a #TwitterOK logo on your slide(s) or poster. But no logo does not mean no sharing, unless you explicitly say so by using a NO image on your slide(s) or poster.

Click on the #TwitterOK image below (one for posters and one for slides), save or print, and add it somewhere obvious and visible to your poster or talk so tweeps can share your work with others. If you’re on Twitter then make sure your @TwitterHandle is on your slide(s) and poster too!

If you don’t want your work to be shared, then there is an image just for you too – see below.

See Conference #Twitterqette – Twitter advice for presenters, delegates and hosts

For #TwitterOK posters

Twitter OK - poster

For #TwitterOK talks

Twitter OK - talk

And for those who don’t want their content shared, then here’s one just for you.

Twitter OK - NO

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