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Supervisor/Manager Workshop at #BOU2018

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 (1500-1700h)
Humanities Building,
University of Nottingham, UK
A free workshop for supervisors and managers attending the BOU2018 conference.

Social media: what’s all that about?

with Steve Dudley, BOU Chief Operations Officer
Do you supervise students or manage staff who speak the new language of social media? You don’t really get it, but you want to, but you’re too afraid to ask? And when you do ask, you don’t understand what they’re saying!

Then this half-day workshop is for you.

Communicating effectively with students and staff is key to a good working relationship. So understanding the social world in which many are increasingly active is key to this relationship.

The workshop will cover key areas of why social media is increasingly popular including:

  • an introduction to the platforms used by the ornithology community;
  • the benefits of communicating your research;
  • how social media drives the online mentions of research articles that contribute to altmetrics;
  • and asking does this really contribute to citations?

Further details will be sent to those booking for the conference.

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