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Here are some tips for curating your #ORNITHOLODAY with us.

  1. These days work better if they are done as a single thread. A thread keeps all of one day’s content linked together and the URL of the first tweet can then be used later to promote the thread, or for easy access for people who missed it.
  2. A thread is also easier to follow whereas if not threaded, then you have to scroll through the whole #ORNITHOLODAY tag for the first tweet and then work backwards.
  3. A thread also has the huge benefit of when any tweet is retweeted the whole thread link goes with it so tweets don’t reappear entirely out of context on other people’s streams.
  4. You can’t schedule threads, so preparing content in advance to tweet live as a thread is advised.
  5. You can draft your initial thread on a smart device. We have a blog on just this – so you can start with one of these to kick the day off!
  6. A unique hashtag for each single day is also a good idea as this collates only that day, again making it easier to access later.
  7. Don’t forget to use the #ornithology tag on at least your opening tweet, and we suggest you use it on other tweets –  this keeps the thread crossing over to the very popular #ornithology tag which more people will see.
  8. Make sure your images are in Twitter format (2:1 landscape) – this means anyone following on a smart device sees the whole image, not just the middle.
  9. Don’t cram in to one tweet what you can say in two (or more). Keep each tweet and image simple – it’s easier to follow.
  10. You don’t need an image for every tweet. If done as a linked thread it’s a continuous conversation so you can tweet an image and use that as a topic for several text-only tweets before another image. But images are of course great!
  11. You get more attention if you maintain regular tweets throughout the day. The most successful days we’ve hosted tweeted 4-6 slides each 15 min period. But there is no doubt that the more you tweet the more attention you get, and potentially more engagement.
  12. Breaks are fine as long as you highlight them – “I’m taking a break now, back at xxxx UTC” – use the UTC clock as people might be following you from anywhere in the world!
  13. You don’t need to number tweets as we do for a Twitter conference.
  14. Don’t worry if people don’t ask questions. When done well and a presentation is so thorough it leaves little room for Qs. Lack of questions does not mean lack of attention/engagement – our metrics of each day shows lots of engagement even though there were very few questions/comments.



If you want to know more about #ORNITHOLODAY , or book a day with us, then get in touch with us via Twitter or email:
Steve Dudley @stevedudley_ or email Steve
Nina O’Hanlon @Nina_OHanlon or email Nina

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