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NEW FOR 2019, we’re inviting you to curate a single day of avian science on the @IBIS_journal Twitter account.

You will be free to choose any ornithological topic (as broad or narrow as you want) to discuss with the wider Twitter ornithology community, starting with direct access to our nearly 14,000 followers (as of November 2018). The wider ornithology community is huge, and at the end of 2017 our #BOU17TC Twitter conference had a global reach of over 1 million accounts each of the conference days.

You tweet on your chosen topic for a full day from where you are. What time you choose to cover is up to you. Most of the global ornithology Twitter community are spread across Europe and North America so tweeting across their respective time zones (0800 – 2200 UTC) will reach the widest live audience, but you may have an active Twitter community within your own region who will follow and engage with your topic.

We will run only one #ornitholoday in any week, and you will be free to choose to do this on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

As an introduction to your topic, we’ll ask you to write a short blog to introduce yourself and your topic. This will be posted live on #theBOUblog the Friday before your #ornitholoday and used to promote your day.


When you agree to curate an #ornitholoday, you agree to the following:

  1. You will be provided with access to the BOU @IBIS_journal account. You post your #ornitholoday tweets from this account. You do not edit any of the account profile or images.
  2. You do not change any passwords assigned to you.
  3. You will be the sole tweeter on your #ornitholoday.
  4. You do not use foul, abusive or obscene language on any tweet during your #ornitholoday.
  5. Your #ornitholoday is a platform to discuss your research interests only (i.e. an agreed avian science or conservation topic).
  6. You cannot advertise any commercial product or business or promote any political party or political, religious or other ideology.
  7. After your #ornitholoday you must remove access to the @IBIS_journal account from all devices.
  8. If we receive a high volume of complaints from followers during your #ornithology, we reserve the right to terminate your curated day.
  9. If you are inactive for a significant proportion of the day, we reserve the right to terminate your curated day.
  10. You do not block or unfollow any users from the the @IBIS_journal account. If you experience any trolling, abuse or similar during your #ornitholoday then please contact your appointed administrator (provided on confirmation of your #ornitholoday) immediately providing full details of the problem.
  11. You abide by the BOU’s events code of conduct
  12. The BOU reserves the right to cancel your #ornitholoday if you do violate Twitter’s terms of service
  13. You provide a short blog for us to use to promote your #ornitholoday by the deadline agreed.

The BOU is committed to diversity in ornithology. We aim to help overcome barriers preventing equality for ornithologists and all our activities are open to anyone interested in ornithology regardless of, but not limited to, nationality, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and socio-economic status. For further information see here.


If you want to know more about #ornitholoday, or book a day with us, then get in touch with us via Twitter or email:
Steve Dudley @stevedudley_ or email Steve
Nina O’Hanlon @Nina_OHanlon or email Nina

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