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Conferences and Meetings

Speaking at a BOU conference

If you’re speaking at a BOU conference you will be provided some individual guidelines relevant to the venue and event. Below are some general guidelines we ask all presenters to note.


We aim to make BOU events as inclusive as possible, and there are two issues that keep arising in conference feedback impact on this – colour blindness and hearing issues. We will continue to address these with presenters for all our events and ask presenters to assist us in this respect.

Colour blind aware
Many speakers don’t appreciate the need for their slides and graphics to be easily readable by all of the audience. We therefore ask all presenters to check their presentations and be colour blind aware.

Useful resources are:

Deafness aware
Even though modern-day lecture theatres have induction loops to use with hearing aids, not all hearing aid users can use them. We therefore have a 100% microphone use policy in the lecture theatre for presenters, session chairs and audience participants.

A useful resource, including tips on communicating to those with hearing problems:

Handing in your presentation

We ask you to hand in your presentation as early as possible. We usually have one or two volunteers running the AV for each of our conferences and one of them will be at the front of the lecture theatre at the end of each session to load up and check presentations for future sessions. Presentations for the next session will be prioritised.

Please note that because volunteers need to eat, drink and enjoy the conference too, the lectern area WILL NOT BE staffed during the latter half of breaks.

Image credit: Top right, Cao Lee presenting her 2019 Alfred Newton Lecture © Steve P. Dudley/BOU

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