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BOU ECR travel grants to attend IOC2018

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The BOU has awarded 13 travel grants for BOU Early Career Researcher (ECR) members to help them attend the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) in Vancouver, Canada, 19-26 August 2018.

This is the first time we’ve been able to support ECRs to attend an International Ornithological Congress, and it will provide an opportunity for BOU ECR members outside Europe to take advantage of this support, as support offered around our traditional events tends to be taken up solely by European researchers.

We received a total of 23 applications from which the following 13 ECRs have received awards:

Geneviève Blanchet (US)
MSc student (Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science), University of Hawaii, US.
Awarded £300

Igor Berkunsky (Argentina)
Post-doc, Coordinator of the Neotropical Region in the Working Group Psittaciformes (International Ornithologist Union)
Awarded £800

Corey Callaghan (US) @callaghanct
PhD candidate (Biological Sciences), UNSW Sydney, Australia
Abstract title Contrasting trajectories of biodiversity loss and urban expansion
Awarded £800

Garima Gupta (India)
PhD candidate (Biological Sciences), Newcastle University, UK
Awarded £800

Guillermo Fandos Guzman (Spain) @g_fandos
Post-doc Researcher, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Awarded £800

Rob Hawkes (UK)
PhD candidate (Environmental Sciences), University of East Anglia, UK
Awarded £800

Olivia Hicks (UK) @O_Hicks1
PhD candidate (Ecology), University of Liverpool, UK
Awarded £800

Virat Jolli (India) @jollivirat
Post-doc researcher, University of Delhi, India
Awarded £800

Lucy Magoolagan (UK) @lucymagoolagan
Unnattached. PhD 2017 (Environmental Sciences), Lancaster University, UK
Awarded £800

Chima Josiah Nwaogu (Nigeria) @ChimaobimNwaogu
PhD candidate (Ecology and evolution), University of St Andrews, UK
Awarded £800

Amanda Trask (UK) @amandaetrask
Post-doc researcher, University of Aberdeen, UK
Awarded £800

Nicole Wood (US) @WildlifeBioGal
MSc student (Conservation Biology), University of Central Michigan, US
Awarded £300

Robyn Womack (UK) @RobynJWomack
PhD candidate (Ecology and Environmental Biology), University of Glasgow, UK
Awarded £800

Ecology and conservation of grassland birds

The BOU is holding an open (free to attend) one-day meeting on the registration day, 20 August, of IOC2018, in Vancouver, Canada.

For the full programme see here.

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