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From populations to policy impact:

avian demography in a changing world

BOU13 | 26 – 28 March 2013 | University of Leicester, UK


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Demography and conservation
Rhys Green | University of Cambridge & RSPB, UK

Conservation, conflicts & stakeholder engagement
Steve Redpath | ACES, Aberdeen University, UK

Making Space for Nature: the science-policy interface
John Lawton | UK

Citizen science and Integrated goose population monitoring
Tony Fox | NERI, Denmark

Predicting population changes in Eurasian Oystercatcher?
Bruno Ens | SOVON, The Netherlands

Linking dispersal to population dynamic
María del Mar Delgado & Vincenzo Penteriani | CSIC, Spain

Impact of fisheries on albatrosses
Richard Phillips | BAS, UK

Population dynamics of re-introduced red kites
Jen Smart | RSPB, UK

Gut parasites and the demography of the European Shag
Sarah Burthe | CEH, UK

Sub-lethal and indirect effects of mammalian predators
Karl Evans | University of Sheffield, UK

Anti-predator responses in changing environments
Ross Macleod | University of Glasgow, UK

Settlement decisions of juvenile shorebirds
Tomas Gunnarsson | University of Iceland

Varying avian demographic responses to a warming world
James Pearce-Higgins | BTO, UK

Effects of climate change and variability on population dynamics
Yngvild Vindenes | NTNU, Norway

Bayesian models and monitoring national bird populations
Rob Robinson | BTO, UK

Linking environment and demography with mixed models
Morten Frederiksen | Aarhus University, Denmark

The impact of transients on variation in population dynamics
Tom Ezard | University of Southampton, UK

Demographic consequences of migratory stopover
Conor McGowan | USGS, Auburn University, USA

Field estimation of winter survival in farmland passerines
Gavin Siriwardena | BTO, UK

Landscape simulation of an upland bird population
Matthew Geary | Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Population dynamics in the reintroduced Mauritius Kestrel
Malcolm Nicoll | University of Reading, UK

Carry-over effects on migrant phenology and fecundity
Tom Finch | University of East Anglia, UK

Impact of climate on survival in Long-tailed Tits
Phillipa Gullett | University of Sheffield, UK

Sex-biased survival in a migratory bird
Catriona Morrison | University of East Anglia & BTO, UK

Winter site fidelity in a partially migratory seabird
Hannah Grist | University of Aberdeen, UK

Small scale variation in population genetic structure
Jessica Walkup | University of Aberdeen, UK

Population growth in Pink Pigeons
Lianne Concannon | University of Reading, UK

Occupancy models with automated acoustic sampling
John Quinn | Furman University, USA

Stochastic re-nesting models to estimate fecundity
Rosemary Setchfield | RSPB, UK

Deriving time-variable re-nesting probabilities
Patrick White | GWCT, UK

Conference opens at 5pm on Tuesday 26 March and will close around 4pm Thurs 28 March.

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