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Lopez Calderon featured

29th May 2017

The winter ecology of House Martins

Posted in: carry-over effects, migrant, Migration, stable isotopes, winter, wintering

Winter areas, spatial segregation and carry-over effects

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buchanan featured

24th May 2017

Birds in the uplands

Posted in: land management, moorland, moorland birds, upland birds

How should we manage UK moorlands for birds?

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beauchamp featured

22nd May 2017

When the sun gets in your eyes

Posted in: behaviour, bird vision, shorebirds, waders

What happens to feeding birds when they have to deal with sun glare?

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Snijders featured

15th May 2017

When not to tag a bird

Posted in: behaviour, gps tags, tracking

Tracking small songbirds generates important insights into avian ecology, but does not always work out the way you planned

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evens featured

10th May 2017

Nightjars on migration

Posted in: bird movements, geolocator, gps tags, migrant, Migration, satellite tracking

Where do European Nightjars go?

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Straker featured

8th May 2017

Burning fat during migration

Posted in: migrant, Migration, physiology

Differential mobilization of fat-stores in migrating birds: showcasing Eared Grebes

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birkhead 2 featured

2nd May 2017

The point of a Guillemot’s egg

Posted in: adaptation, eggs

Why did the Common Guillemot’s egg evolve its pear-like shape?

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Vizentin-Bugoni Sonne featured

24th April 2017

The real treasure of Juan Fernández

Posted in: competition, forest birds, hummingbirds, island birds

Does a congeneric competitor affect the Critically Endangered Juan Fernández Firecrown?

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melo & stervander featured

18th April 2017

A Giant hidden in the rainforest

Posted in: DNA sequencing, Taxonomy, tropical birds

The enigmatic São Tomé Grosbeak is the World’s largest canary

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BOU2017 crowded foyer

5th April 2017

#BOU2017: International and inspiring

Posted in: Community, Conferences, early career, early-career researcher, ECR, engagement

Why the BOU Annual Conference is always a good idea

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burnside migration featured

3rd April 2017

Lazy bustards: captive-bred Houbara migrate late

Posted in: captive-bred, captive-breeding, Migration

Do captive-bred Asian Houbara replicate wild migration strategies?

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Blog Sao Tome Grosbeack featured

1st April 2017

IBIS | New articles | March 2017

Posted in: IBIS, Journal, new articles, Science

VIEW – current issue | VIEW – editor’s choice | VIEW – all issues IBIS continuously publishes research articles online as: Accepted articles (peer-reviewed awaiting final edit and layout, DOI assigned); Early view articles (first sight of fully edited publication); and Within issue articles (article assigned to an issue with page numbers).   Accepted articles […]

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martin birds eye view featured

27th March 2017

Birds’ eye views

Posted in: bird vision, sensory ecology, vultures

Sensory ecology sharpens ideas about the worlds that birds inhabit

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Spelt featured

20th March 2017

Sensitive females and costly males

Posted in: behaviour, fledglings, Seabirds

Are female African penguins more vulnerable than males?

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Dimitriou featured

13th March 2017

DNA-barcoding against poaching: the Cyprus paradigm

Posted in: bird trapping, Conservation, DNA barcoding

How could DNA barcoding be an ace up the sleeve against poaching?

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OHanlon featured

6th March 2017

Using cameras to investigate egg predation

Posted in: nest predation, predation, Seabirds

Investigating Brown Rat predation of seabird eggs using camera traps and experimental nests

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IBIS cover to feature

1st March 2017

IBIS | New articles | February 2017

Posted in: Journal, Science

New articles published in IBIS during February 2017

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mainwaring featured

27th February 2017

Nest building in a changing climate

Posted in: adaptation, behaviour, climate change, nesting, phenology

Predicting the effects of climate change on the nesting behaviour of birds and other animals

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