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19th July 2017

Of writing and Redshanks – the benefits of blogging with the BOU

Posted in: Altmetric, blog, blogging, BOU, BOU series, communication, Community, IBIS, Journal, People, sciblogging, scicomm, Science, science blogging, science communication, social media

#theBOUblog has forged a reputation for delivering for authors wanting to promote their research

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Schmidt featured

17th July 2017

Longing for the ground

Posted in: agriculture, Farmland birds, habitat, land management

Bare patches and additional tramlines increase suitability of conventional arable land for the Skylark

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hasegawa shorttail featured

10th July 2017

Short tails in a severe winter

Posted in: flight, selection, survival, winter

A once-in-a-century severe winter revealed selection for short-tailed Pacific Swallows

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Ringing by Daniel Cox

5th July 2017

Funding ornithology – the work of the BOU Grants Committee

Posted in: blog, BOU, BOU series, bursary, Career Development Bursary, Community, grants, Grants Committee, People

The good, the bad and the ugly of assessing grant applications

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sepp featured

3rd July 2017

Survival of the prettiest

Posted in: evolution, feathers, longevity, mate selection, Seabirds, survival

Does wing pattern predict longevity?

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Auriel_Fournier_Presenting for TW

28th June 2017

The BOU – a personal perspective from the US

Posted in: BOU, BOU series, Community, IBIS, People, scicomm, social media, Twitter

The BOU educates and motivates members to engage with others

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mcgrady featured

26th June 2017

Sooty Falcons in Oman

Posted in: migrant, population dynamics, raptors

Reproduction and population dynamics of a poorly studied, Near Threatened, colony-nesting raptor

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Harrop SibeAcc featured

21st June 2017

Listing into the future

Posted in: BOU, BOU series, BOURC, Community, Records Committee

The BOU has maintained the British List since the late 1800s.

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Cresswell featured

19th June 2017

Tracking is 90% catching

Posted in: bird movements, geolocator, Mediterranean forest, migrant, Migration, movements, tracking

To track small birds you need to catch them; twice…

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IBIS cover to feature

16th June 2017

2016 journal Impact Factors: Ornithology

Posted in: Altmetric, BOU, communication, Community, IBIS, Journal, journal metrics

What is the importance of journal Impact Factors?

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IBIS cover to feature

14th June 2017

What does it take to run the #1 ornithology journal?

Posted in: authors, BOU, BOU series, Community, IBIS, Journal, peer review

Managing an international journal is a massive team effort, and for IBIS this involves over 60 people

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chiver featured

12th June 2017

Snake phobia? Not for Fasciated Antshrikes!

Posted in: News

Fasciated Antshrikes regularly mob snakes and can escalate into deadly attacks

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BOU2017 Norris lecture

7th June 2017

What makes a BOU conference?

Posted in: BOU, BOU series, Community, Conferences, People

Being a member of the BOU’s Meetings Committee is one of the most rewarding jobs in the BOU

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Steen featured

5th June 2017

Got an old smartphone? Turn it to a bird-monitoring app

Posted in: monitoring, technology

The use of a smartphone app for motion detection to monitor birds remotely

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