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30th April 2018

The year-round benefits of occupying preferred habitat

Posted in: adult survival, habitat, habitat selection, winter

Do habitat features that influence over-winter survival also influence reproductive success in a territorial, year-round resident?

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10th July 2017

Short tails in a severe winter

Posted in: flight, selection, survival, winter

A once-in-a-century severe winter revealed selection for short-tailed Pacific Swallows

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29th May 2017

The winter ecology of House Martins

Posted in: carry-over effects, migrant, Migration, stable isotopes, winter, wintering

Winter areas, spatial segregation and carry-over effects

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11th January 2016

Living close, doing differently

Posted in: bird communities, breeding, colour ringing/banding, Science, Seabirds, tracking, winter, wintering

Breeding and wintering Mediterranean Gulls do not mix

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30th November 2015

Whinchat survival from the wintering grounds

Posted in: ecology, migrant, population dynamics, survival, winter

Do wintering conditions limit populations?

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