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18th March 2019

Mute Swans and lead poisoning

Posted in: lead poisoning, population recovery, wetlands

Mute Swan numbers recovered after anglers lead use was restricted

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11th June 2018

Beavers facilitate Teals at different scales

Posted in: breeding, habitat, wetlands

Favouring beavers promotes biodiversity, including waterbirds

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9th May 2016

Climate and the wanderings of a colourful marshbird

Posted in: climate change, distribution, ecology, global change, marsh birds, migrant, Migration, vagrancy, vagrant birds, wetlands

What drives vagrancy of Purple Gallinules?

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24th August 2015

Nest survival in agricultural grasslands

Posted in: breeding, Farmland birds, habitat, mortality, Science, shorebirds, tracking, waders, wetlands

What works?

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25th May 2015

Of Ruminants and Redshanks

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, Farmland birds, habitat, mortality, shorebirds, waders, wetlands

Does light grazing cause nest mortality?

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30th March 2015

The globally threatened Aquatic Warbler

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, foraging, habitat, Migration, protected areas, Science, wetlands

Do we know enough to save it?

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22nd December 2014

Do birds of a feather flock together?

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, distribution, habitat, wetlands

How habitat preferences vary

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