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urban birds

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22nd July 2019

The secret life of urban gulls

Posted in: behaviour, habitat selection, nesting, Seabirds, urban birds

How do urban gulls utilize their environment?

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15th October 2018

Big parks mean more birds

Posted in: early career, early-career researcher, ECR, IOCongress2018, urban birds

The size of a greenspace is the most important predictor of urban bird diversity

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16th October 2017

Parrots in an urban jungle

Posted in: breeding, nesting, parrot, urban birds

Winters are fine, cars are not – wild parrots in Germany

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28th November 2016

Raptors as urban-adapters?

Posted in: raptors, urban birds

What can Cape Town’s Black Sparrowhawks tell us about city-dwelling raptors?

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