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upland birds

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9th September 2019

Droppings and DNA

Posted in: fecal DNA, monitoring, non-invasive sampling, upland birds

Can non-invasive genetic mark-recapture be used to estimate Sage Grouse abundance?

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24th May 2017

Birds in the uplands

Posted in: land management, moorland, moorland birds, upland birds

How should we manage UK moorlands for birds?

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21st November 2016

Habitat restoration goes downhill

Posted in: habitat, habitat restoration, upland birds

Do bird communities recover when alpine ski pistes are restored?

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28th March 2016

Impacts of driven shooting of Red Grouse

Posted in: Conservation, hunting pressure, land management, moorland, moorland birds, News, red grouse, upland birds

Management of Red Grouse moors

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6th August 2014

Hen Harriers: going, going . .

Posted in: News, raptors, Science, upland birds

Why is the Hen Harrier almost extinct in England?

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14th April 2014

Beyond the maps

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, Farmland birds, Science, Seabirds, upland birds, woodland birds

What now for all that data collected from the #birdatlas?

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7th April 2014

#BOU2014 – upland and alpine birds conference

Posted in: alpine birds, Community, Conferences, Conservation, Science, upland birds

#BOU14 in photos and a few words

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