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tropical birds

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30th May 2018

Is life longer in the tropics?

Posted in: survival, tropical birds

Forest passerine survival rates go down with increasing latitude

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2nd October 2017

Taking it slow in the tropics

Posted in: evolution, life history, survival, tropical birds

Contrasting life-history evolution in New World thrushes

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14th August 2017

How many species is the Pectoral Sparrow?

Posted in: Taxonomy, tropical birds

Morphology and songs defining what is intra/inter specific variation

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18th April 2017

A giant hidden in the rainforest

Posted in: DNA sequencing, Taxonomy, tropical birds

The enigmatic São Tomé Grosbeak is the World’s largest canary

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23rd January 2017

Connections between the Andes and the mountains of Brazil

Posted in: alpine birds, cloud forest, Genetics, Taxonomy, tropical birds

Discovery of new species supports previous climatic and environmental connections between the Andes Mountains and the mountains of eastern Brazil.

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8th August 2016

The march of the triffids

Posted in: agriculture, biodiversity, bird communities, connectivity, Conservation, forest birds, habitat, land management, land use, tropical birds

Shifting agriculture supports more rainforest birds than oil palm or teak monocultures.

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30th May 2016

The riddle of elevation for tropical birds

Posted in: bird communities, bird song, cloud forest, competition, distribution, song, tropical birds

Does interspecific aggression influence elevational limits in closely related species that replace one another along the elevational gradient?

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