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3rd December 2018

Same but different

Posted in: phylogeny, Taxonomy

Similar appearances do not necessarily reflect close relationships in leaf warblers

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16th July 2018

Evolution of a mountain specialist family, the accentors

Posted in: evolution, Taxonomy

How accentors have diverged and expanded rapidly across the Palearctic

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14th August 2017

How many species is the Pectoral Sparrow?

Posted in: Taxonomy, tropical birds

Morphology and songs defining what is intra/inter specific variation

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18th April 2017

A giant hidden in the rainforest

Posted in: DNA sequencing, Taxonomy, tropical birds

The enigmatic São Tomé Grosbeak is the World’s largest canary

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23rd January 2017

Connections between the Andes and the mountains of Brazil

Posted in: alpine birds, cloud forest, Genetics, Taxonomy, tropical birds

Discovery of new species supports previous climatic and environmental connections between the Andes Mountains and the mountains of eastern Brazil.

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26th September 2016

Do genes and phenotype tell the same story?

Posted in: Genetics, Taxonomy

Geographic variation in phenotype and molecular markers within the Blue-black Grosbeak

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3rd November 2014

Forest flapper not plains plodder

Posted in: distribution, Genetics, News, palaeontology, Science, Taxonomy

Plains-wanderers came from the trees

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12th March 2014

The Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo species complex

Posted in: Genetics, Migration, Taxonomy

Genetic structure offers insights into the evolution of migration and the taxonomy

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11th December 2012

How useful are species?

Posted in: Conservation, Science, Taxonomy

That biodiversity is valuable and worth conserving is something about which most people with an interest in the environment can agree. But what is 'biodiversity-?

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