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8th March 2018

Comparing shorebird survival across the globe

Posted in: bird movements, breeding biology, citizen science, colour ringing/banding, ecology, IBIS, Migration, monitoring, movements, population dynamics, shorebirds, survival, tracking, waders

High adult annual survival rate is critical to population stability, but how do shorebird survival rates vary around the world?

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2nd October 2017

Taking it slow in the tropics

Posted in: evolution, life history, survival, tropical birds

Contrasting life-history evolution in New World thrushes

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25th September 2017

Stress and survival

Posted in: raptors, rehabilitation, survival

Does feather corticosterone predict future survival?

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10th July 2017

Short tails in a severe winter

Posted in: flight, selection, survival, winter

A once-in-a-century severe winter revealed selection for short-tailed Pacific Swallows

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3rd July 2017

Survival of the prettiest

Posted in: evolution, feathers, longevity, mate selection, Seabirds, survival

Does wing pattern predict longevity?

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30th November 2015

Whinchat survival from the wintering grounds

Posted in: ecology, migrant, population dynamics, survival, winter

Do wintering conditions limit populations?

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23rd November 2015

Survival out the nest: southern birds do best

Posted in: adult survival, breeding, colour ringing/banding, evolution, fledgling survival, life history, survival, tracking


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