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stable isotopes

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23rd September 2019

What’s on the menu?

Posted in: cameras, diet, diet composition, stable isotopes

Investigating sexual and parent-offspring dietary segregation in the European Roller

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1st July 2019

Photographing gull eggs

Posted in: Conservation, diet, eggs, Seabirds, stable isotopes

How resource use can affect egg traits in Herring Gulls

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30th October 2017

The elusive migration of rails

Posted in: marsh birds, Migration, monitoring, stable isotopes

How does the migratory connectivity of secretive species differ?

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9th October 2017

Chasing isotope ‘ghosts’

Posted in: Conservation, endangered, feathers, fieldwork, stable isotopes, waders

Where do Slender-billed Curlews breed?

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29th May 2017

The winter ecology of House Martins

Posted in: carry-over effects, migrant, Migration, stable isotopes, winter, wintering

Winter areas, spatial segregation and carry-over effects

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