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soaring birds

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26th August 2019

Don’t move. Winter is coming.

Posted in: annual cycle, flight, gps tags, Migration, movements, short-distance migration, soaring birds

What do Dalmatian Pelicans do when it gets cold?

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5th March 2018

Landfill sites and avian conservation

Posted in: migrant, Migration, migration stopover, soaring birds

Importance of artificial stopover sites through avian migration flyways

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20th November 2017

Outsiders: Size, but not Shape, Matters

Posted in: bird movements, flight, migrant, soaring birds, vultures

Contrasting flapping counterparts, wing shape and migratory habits are unrelated in soaring birds

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27th December 2016

Keeping up with climate change

Posted in: climate change, Migration, raptors, soaring birds

Does the timing of migration reflect population trends of soaring birds?

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