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24th November 2014

Offshore wind: the importance of bird density and breeding season definitions

Posted in: Bird Protection, breeding, Conservation, Disturbance, Migration, News, renewable energy, Seabirds, tracking, wind farms

Offshore collision risk modelling can be insufficiently precautionary

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10th November 2014

Saving long-term studies

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, crowd-sourcing, funding, phenology, protected areas, Seabirds, tracking

Crowd-funding research

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6th October 2014

Identifying offshore protected areas for seabirds

Posted in: breeding, foraging, geolocator, protected areas, Science, Seabirds

Where do seabirds forage? And why do we need to know?

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25th August 2014

Adult survival declines as African Penguin population plummets

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, Science, Seabirds

Urgent action is needed to save the African Penguin

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14th April 2014

Beyond the maps

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, Farmland birds, Science, Seabirds, upland birds, woodland birds

What now for all that data collected from the #birdatlas?

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4th March 2014

Birds and dynamic soaring

Posted in: Science, Seabirds

Can a bird use dynamic soaring in a steady homogenous wind?

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17th April 2013

Marine renewables and birds

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conferences, Science, Seabirds

Marine renewables and birds – how far have we come and where next for research?

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28th February 2013

Lost and found – the storm-petrel back from extinction

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, News, Seabirds

‘Extinct’ New Zealand Storm-petrel found breeding 150 years after last being seen

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14th January 2013

Dynamic Soaring

Posted in: Science, Seabirds

A pilot’s perspective on the aspect of flight adopted by seabirds such as albatrosses and petrels.

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