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5th August 2020

Vultures and condors may help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Posted in: behaviour, condors, disease, infectious diseases, scavengers, vultures

While pathogen microorganisms colonise obligate scavenger birds, there is no clear evidence of them spreading pathogens to the ecosystem

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27th January 2020

Are closely related species always good surrogates?

Posted in: lead poisoning, scavengers, surrogate species

Differences in blood lead contamination between scavenging birds do not support the use of Black Vultures as a surrogate for Andean Condors

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18th July 2016

The eagle has landed – vultures use raptors to find food

Posted in: ecology, game theory, raptors, scavengers, vultures

Carrion isn’t the only thing vultures scavenge; they exploit the superior foraging abilities of eagles to find their food.

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