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25th January 2016

The plight of the Egyptian Vulture . . .

Posted in: behaviour, Bird Protection, breeding, communal, Conservation, Disturbance, endangered, nesting, population dynamics, raptors, roost, Science

. . . and hopes for the future

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2nd November 2015


Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, breeding, Conferences, Farmland birds, foraging, habitat, raptors, Science, tracking

Improving foraging conditions for Montagu’s Harriers

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29th June 2015

Waves of terror in Starling flocks

Posted in: behaviour, mortality, News, raptors, roost

How Starling flocks react to predator attacks

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28th January 2015

A twist in the tale: Red Kites are back in town

Posted in: distribution, foraging, gardens, habitat, raptors, Science

Why are so many Red Kites visiting our towns?

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13th October 2014

A tale of two kites

Posted in: distribution, Migration, News, raptors, Science, tracking

Web-based biodiversity data reveals a sedentary species is in fact a migrant

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6th August 2014

Hen Harriers: going, going . .

Posted in: News, raptors, Science, upland birds

Why is the Hen Harrier almost extinct in England?

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