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16th February 2019

Caning for conservation

Posted in: Conservation, predation, Seabirds

Bamboo canes could be a versatile and inexpensive tool to help reduce predation from large gulls on ground nesting seabirds

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4th February 2019

The challenge of parenting around predators

Posted in: behaviour, nest predation, parental care, predation

More predators makes parents stick closer to their nest

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14th May 2018

Understanding the role of large raptors in modified ecosystems

Posted in: bird communities, birds of prey, ecology, predation, raptors

Influence of large raptors on other predator species

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26th March 2018

Wing shape: migration vs predator escape

Posted in: bird movements, game bird, migrant, molt, predation, wing morphology

Differences in wing morphology between juvenile and adult European Turtle Doves

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27th November 2017

A wader detective story

Posted in: predation, tracking, waders

Chick predation CSI in a high-stakes game of predator prey

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6th March 2017

Using cameras to investigate egg predation

Posted in: nest predation, predation, Seabirds

Investigating Brown Rat predation of seabird eggs using camera traps and experimental nests

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17th August 2015

When is owl on the menu?

Posted in: breeding, mortality, News, predation

Eggs to go . . .

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