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19th October 2020

Endocrine-morphology links across seasons in a migrant bird

Posted in: corticosterone, migrant, plumage

Geese with elevated corticosterone during summer have lower body-weight the subsequent winter

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16th September 2019

The lie of the “black lightning”: signal reliability in a seabird

Posted in: colouration, Disturbance, plumage, Seabirds

Does Storm Petrels’ plumage coloration reliably signal body condition?

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1st October 2018

Explosive wagtail evolution

Posted in: evolution, News, phylogeny, plumage

Plumage phenotypes, mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA tell different stories

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17th September 2018

The dark side of the nestling

Posted in: colouration, dominance, plumage

Darker nestlings display bolder personalities, but only if they are female

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13th February 2017

Bird photography is here to stay

Posted in: moult, plumage, Seabirds

Using field photography to study avian moult

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17th October 2016

Drab females are warm mothers

Posted in: breeding, feathers, incubation, mate selection, nesting, plumage

Less pigmented females have warm brood patches

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