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11th September 2017

Reviewing a paper

Posted in: authors, early-career researcher, ECR, IBIS, Journal, peer review

Peer review is one of the core activities of science

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14th June 2017

What does it take to run the #1 ornithology journal?

Posted in: authors, BOU, BOU series, Community, IBIS, Journal, peer review

Managing an international journal is a massive team effort, and for IBIS this involves over 60 people

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31st May 2017

The BOU’s global ornithology community

Posted in: BOU, BOU series, Community, Journal, peer review, People

Community is the lifeblood running through all the BOU does

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19th September 2016

Peer Review Week

Posted in: Community, Journal, parrot, peer review, volunteering, volunteers

Recognising volunteer contributions

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