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24th September 2020

The call of the Kea

Posted in: behaviour, bioacoustics, communication, nest predation, parrot

Female Kea use distinct calls to communicate with their offspring.

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16th December 2019

Protecting dead parrots to conserve the living

Posted in: Conservation, parrot

Harvest for ceremonial headdresses threatens Pesquet’s Parrot in Papua New Guinea

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12th December 2019

Bird trade in Japan

Posted in: Bird Protection, birds of prey, endangered, News, parrot, trade

Which species are most popular and where do they come from?

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7th November 2018

From IOCongress2018

Posted in: Conferences, early career, early-career researcher, ECR, IOCongress2018, parrot, Psittaciformes, reintroduction

“The best congress I have attended”

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16th October 2017

Parrots in an urban jungle

Posted in: breeding, nesting, parrot, urban birds

Winters are fine, cars are not – wild parrots in Germany

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19th September 2016

Peer Review Week

Posted in: Community, Journal, parrot, peer review, volunteering, volunteers

Recognising volunteer contributions

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21st March 2016

Evolutionary distinctiveness of the Seychelles Black Parrot

Posted in: endangered, evolution, Genetics, parrot, population dynamics

Conserving an endangered island parrot

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