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parental care

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1st June 2020

Mother songbirds pick up the slack

Posted in: nestling growth, nestling provisioning, nestling survival, parental care

Female Hooded Warblers completely compensate for late-season male nest desertion

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4th February 2019

The challenge of parenting around predators

Posted in: behaviour, nest predation, parental care, predation

More predators makes parents stick closer to their nest

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27th June 2016

The secret sex life of the Brown-headed Nuthatch

Posted in: breeding, cooperative breeding, extra pair paternity, forest birds, Genetics, parental care

Is there extra-pair paternity in the cooperatively breeding Brown-headed Nuthatch?

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18th April 2016

What do Great Tit pairs talk about?

Posted in: behaviour, breeding, communications, nesting, pair communications, parental care

Great tit pairs discuss at the nest during breeding, but why?

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