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17th October 2019

A vocal bottleneck in the Common Myna

Posted in: bioacoustics, bird song, News, non-natives

Colonization of new areas leads to reduced song complexity

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25th June 2018

Legal imports and feral parakeets in Spain

Posted in: non-natives

Legal trade in captive birds is key to the establishment of wild populations of two alien invasive species

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23rd May 2016

What do Galapagos Hawks eat after the goats are gone?

Posted in: Conservation, diet, diet composition, ecology, habitat, island birds, non-natives, raptors

After the eradication of exotic goats on Santiago Island, Galapagos hawks prey deliveries consist mainly of introduced black rats

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8th June 2015

Range expansion of non-native Acacia species: Acacia cyclops and birds

Posted in: Conservation, foraging, habitat, News, non-natives, Seabirds

Do birds disperse non-native plants?

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