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16th October 2017

Parrots in an urban jungle

Posted in: breeding, nesting, parrot, urban birds

Winters are fine, cars are not – wild parrots in Germany

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7th August 2017

Embryonic hypothermia tolerance: adaptation to disturbance?

Posted in: adaptation, Disturbance, incubation, nesting

Unusual incubation behaviour and embryonic tolerance of hypothermia in the Sichuan Partridge

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27th February 2017

Nest building in a changing climate

Posted in: adaptation, behaviour, climate change, nesting, phenology

Predicting the effects of climate change on the nesting behaviour of birds and other animals

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17th October 2016

Drab females are warm mothers

Posted in: breeding, feathers, incubation, mate selection, nesting, plumage

Less pigmented females have warm brood patches

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3rd October 2016

Nest predation in hybrid quails

Posted in: captive-bred, Farmland birds, game bird, hybrids, nest predation, nesting, Science, tracking

Could nest-site selection explain the lack of a hybrid quail swarm?

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18th April 2016

What do Great Tit pairs talk about?

Posted in: behaviour, breeding, communications, nesting, pair communications, parental care

Great tit pairs discuss at the nest during breeding, but why?

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25th January 2016

The plight of the Egyptian Vulture . . .

Posted in: behaviour, Bird Protection, breeding, communal, Conservation, Disturbance, endangered, nesting, population dynamics, raptors, roost, Science

. . . and hopes for the future

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