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30th July 2020

What is happening at the nest?

Posted in: breeding success, cameras, monitoring, nesting success, News

Deducing nest survival with different monitoring schemes and cameras.

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11th May 2020

Fire and ice increase nest success

Posted in: nest predation, nesting success

Cape Rockjumper nest survival is associated with recent fire and cooler temperatures

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10th February 2020

Do back-pack transmitters affect breeding performance?

Posted in: nesting success, News, satellite tracking, tracking

No effect of back-pack transmitters on breeding performance in a migratory bustard

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16th May 2019

Big Brother is watching who?

Posted in: awards, BOU, breeding, cameras, ECR, fieldwork, IBIS, nesting success, News

Use of cameras provides insights into nest survival of Snowy Plovers

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30th July 2018

Conspecific brood parasitism in Prothonotary Warblers

Posted in: breeding biology, brood parasitism, fledglings, Genetics, nest monitoring, nesting, nesting success, News

Parasites or orphans? What are the costs of raising additional, unrelated chicks?

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8th January 2018

Assessing impacts of monitoring Whinchat nests

Posted in: behaviour, Disturbance, nest monitoring, nesting success

Does nest monitoring by researchers badger Whinchats?

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