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nest predation

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26th February 2020

The forgotten Breckland Curlew – another predation victim

Posted in: Conservation, Disturbance, grassland, nest predation, waders

Is ground-disturbance management the answer for protection of breeding Curlew?

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29th April 2019

Nesting in a degraded cloud forest

Posted in: cooperative breeding, forest birds, habitat degradation, nest predation, nesting, tropical birds

Placid Greenbuls show flexible nesting behaviour in a degraded cloud forest

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4th February 2019

The challenge of parenting around predators

Posted in: behaviour, nest predation, parental care, predation

More predators makes parents stick closer to their nest

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6th March 2017

Using cameras to investigate egg predation

Posted in: nest predation, predation, Seabirds

Investigating Brown Rat predation of seabird eggs using camera traps and experimental nests

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12th December 2016

Nest predation in urban gardens

Posted in: garden birds, garden feeding, nest predation

Does feeding birds increase local nest predation?

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3rd October 2016

Nest predation in hybrid quails

Posted in: captive-bred, Farmland birds, game bird, hybrids, nest predation, nesting, Science, tracking

Could nest-site selection explain the lack of a hybrid quail swarm?

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