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16th January 2020

Ejecting Eggs

Posted in: behaviour, eggs, incubation, nest monitoring

Who do some birds remove eggs from their nest?

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3rd October 2019

Bad news for the Stone-curlew

Posted in: adult survival, agriculture, breeding, Conservation, Farmland birds, nest monitoring, News, population dynamics

Intensified agriculture contributes to population decline in France

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2nd May 2019

Mixed Broods

Posted in: breeding, brood parasitism, cuckoos, fledgling survival, nest monitoring, News, species interactions

How do Common Cuckoos and Common Redstarts perform after sharing a nest?

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30th July 2018

Conspecific brood parasitism in Prothonotary Warblers

Posted in: breeding biology, brood parasitism, fledglings, Genetics, nest monitoring, nesting, nesting success, News

Parasites or orphans? What are the costs of raising additional, unrelated chicks?

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8th January 2018

Assessing impacts of monitoring Whinchat nests

Posted in: behaviour, Disturbance, nest monitoring, nesting success

Does nest monitoring by researchers badger Whinchats?

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