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16th March 2020

IBIS special issue

Posted in: IBIS, Migration, movement, movements, passerines, passive acoustic monitoring, passive monitoring, populations, raptors, Seabirds, special issue

Avian Migration and Movement

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26th August 2019

Don’t move. Winter is coming.

Posted in: annual cycle, flight, gps tags, Migration, movements, short-distance migration, soaring birds

What do Dalmatian Pelicans do when it gets cold?

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8th March 2018

Comparing shorebird survival across the globe

Posted in: bird movements, breeding biology, citizen science, colour ringing/banding, ecology, IBIS, Migration, monitoring, movements, population dynamics, shorebirds, survival, tracking, waders

High adult annual survival rate is critical to population stability, but how do shorebird survival rates vary around the world?

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19th June 2017

Tracking is 90% catching

Posted in: bird movements, geolocator, Mediterranean forest, migrant, Migration, movements, tracking

To track small birds you need to catch them; twice…

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20th February 2017

Snowfinch population structure in western Europe

Posted in: adaptation, adult survival, alpine birds, Genetics, movements, population dynamics, Science

Integrating genetic and stable isotope analyses to infer Snowfinch population’s connectivity

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